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A bear of the name of cugy aka Thomas Coggrave - A stressy little girl
cugy bear likes men more than women
by Timmers January 26, 2004
A term used to keep manipulationg women away from innocent bears!No offence hannah:-P
" dats my cugy bear"
by ben January 19, 2004
Summat used by a boyfriend's mates to make his girlfriend qestion his sexuality
Mate-who-will-remain nameless: Keep your hands off my Cugy Bear!!!!!!
by Cugy's Girlfreind January 18, 2004
wat sum of my mates like to call me, even when theyre not drunk. god their silly
Ben : I love my cugy bear
Ben : Allrite cugy, hows u?
by the man himself : Cugy Bear January 17, 2004