Someone that you love and can cuddle with all day/night long.
I love you cuddlefish.
by DLuke October 18, 2007
Top Definition
A seemingly gay male that slips under your radar because you thought he "wasn't competition".

Origin: Discovery Channel

Two ways to mate with a real cuttlefish female.

Dominance: Be a dominate male, force your way upon her, and fight all the other cuttlefish away.

Disguise: Some males change there body to look like a female, thus tricking the dominant type into letting the cuttlefish secretly mate with the female.
You - "Man, It's weird that this gay guy loves to go shopping with my girlfriend. It kinda freaks me out."

Friend - "Dude that guy is totally a cuddlefish, he just broke up with his girlfriend last week."

You - "HOLY SHYT YOU'RE RIGHT, the mall isn't even open at 2 AM!!"

Friend - "I bet he is in cuddle position ready to attack"

You - "NOOOOO!!!"
by R. Muttsky December 25, 2009
When you're cuddling when you're partner and you, as the big spoon, makes your hand into a hook and hooks your partner as if you were fishing.
Do you want to try cuddlefishing tonight?

Only if you'll hook me.
by Diplomidiots September 30, 2015
A dude who plays the friend role trying to steal women. A guy whose whole game is putting down her ex to make himself look better.
That cuddle fish dude he was over there telling her all she wanted to hear.
by Tom pnoid August 05, 2015
An eruption of anal gasses that get turned around in the taint area. Ejecting themselves out from between the pussy lips. Giving the chubby slightly moist wriggling movement (and SOUND) associated with the cuddle-fish's swim style. Reminiscent of wavy lasagna noodles.

Synonymous with front fart, and usually attained by women in the sitting position. Possibly fat men...
"Dude, did that fat lady just cuddle-fish? It fucking reeks in here!"

"Yeah man! She's sitting so far back in the chair it has no where else to go!"
by ClarkBar69 August 22, 2011
A fictional band from the nickelodeon TV show iCarly. They are mentioned twice thus far in the show; once, Jake says the first song he learned was Brakelights by Cuddlefish, after they listen to it through the speakers. Also, when a really annoying girl comes up to carly and sam, she says that she sees a teacher at the cuddlefish concert.
Jake: was that "brakelights" by Cuddlefish?

Carly: Ya, i didnt think anyone knew that song.
by Billy A March 02, 2008
Oderus Urungus's huge prosthetic wang dangling between his legs.

Oderus's cuddlefish busted all over the crowd!
by jagermonsta November 16, 2006
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