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The act of defecating onto your partners penis during sodomy.
Dude 1: "I heard the Virginia Gov. Candidate was defending the anti-sodomy statue in his state."

Dude 2: "He is probably just worried about his boyfriend Cuccinelling on him."
by geoffreyspike April 03, 2013
The act of licking the space above the vagina but below the belly proper (aka "panel") while wearing only garish and/or kitschy clothing (like a Hawaiian shirt).

From the Italian Cucci meaning "Kitsch" and Nelli meaning "Panel" and also Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli.
Person #1: I was totally cuccinelling my gf the other night and it blew her mind!

Person #2: Ugh I prefer rather to muff dive properly. Why cuccinelling instead?

Person #1: Because we were at my grandparents in Arlington where oral sex is illegal now and this is the closest I could get. Plus all my granpops had that fit me were sweaters from the 80's.

Person #2: Yeah that sucks ... at least you went for the full effect though!
by Victoria Wilde Paine July 17, 2013
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