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Verb /-ing,-ed/ ; Being made to work in a cubicle size space; Slang (past tense) ; "Cubed", ex. " Oh Man!", he just got "cubed" by that fool!" Noun form ; "Cubicle", the cubicle size space" you work in. Adj. ; "Cubical," "Cube",) judgemental, narrow/closeminded, "stereotyping" attitude that one displays. Usually used out of spite or jealousy. ex. "You're not gettin all "Cubical" on me, are you? ex. "Don't be gettin all "Cube" on me Beotch!"; Adj./adj.; "Cubically", ex. Someone who is cubically challenged
ex. If you don't have that project on my desk by 6am, I'll have to "CUBITIZE" you, and I know how much you like your new corner office, so don't let me down!
by phoobin April 30, 2010

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