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Proper noun. Pronounced (Que-bee). Sort of like Rubix Cube but not.

1. A Vocaloid mascot for the Vocaloid Yohioloid whom is destined to become an internet meme, but sadly will never happen for he is not a meme.

Origin: High School of Mutual Memeing on Quotev.
"Cubi was totally an ordinary box thing. But everything changed when he was first accepted into meme school."

"Cubi wants to be the meme sempai, but does he have what it takes?"

"So Cubi went into the girl's bathroom, feeling no guilt at all b/c he's neither a mademoiselle or a dudefella."
by Mastermind Ritsu January 31, 2015
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Short form for calling someone a cunty bitch
You're mom is a cubi.
Shit my teacher is a cubi.
Wow I want to hook up with some cubies.
by Court Leacon May 14, 2007
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Pronounced: Que-bee ; noun ; slang.

1. Cubic Zirconia gem; a imitation diamond.
2. Someone or something fake or not authentic.
3. Describing someone who is square (cube) or uncool.
1. "Look at this sweet gem I got my girl, she'll never know it's a cubi."
2. Dawg, that fakester's a cubi!"
3. "Check out his gear, what a cubi!"
by Dr. Cubitron June 13, 2006
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