1. Gross, cheesy build-up on and in the vagina, much like smegma of the penis. Usually found on loose women.
2. The back middle cup in six cup beer pong.
There was too much cubbage for me to touch it.
by Mad Magazine March 24, 2006
Top Definition
A name, given by the fans, for the Ivy that covers the outfield walls of Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs or as some call them, the Chicago Scrubs.
I think even the Cubbage has more talent than the Cubs this year
by Nicholas Pate March 11, 2008
Excessive upper arm fat.
Lindsay was reluctant to buy sleeveless shirts because of her cubbage.
by Sterph November 29, 2007
Cubbage's exploded into the world when a certain someone could not say 'storage cupboard pack' or 'cabinets' because they were next to each other. Cubbage was the result of the two words. All cubbages include a promotional cabbage.
"We need to sell some more cubbages, guyzz!"

"Cubbage, in touch with tomorrow"
by Discount Ben March 14, 2006
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