A crap club that plays in London.
Always at the bottom of the standings.
Crystal Palace REALLY SUCKS!!!!
by Jesus Rules! May 08, 2005
1) Famous for having a set of idiots in charge including simon jordan.
2) Well known for going down at the best team in London (Charlton Athletic).
3) Meaning to be utter pants and incapable of playing your chosen sport.
4) To have delusions of grandeur.
5) To be doomed to constant failure.
He never stood a chance, just like palace then.
My god that was dull, I wanted to commit suicide, Just like watching palace then.
There is a small piece of shit on my shoe, that must be how Charlton fans feel about palace.
by ValleyFloydJames August 21, 2005
A poorly performing London based team. The agitation that is felt for them, but yet not for teams such as Fulham, comes from Palace fans belief that they are actually good. In the rare event of them winning, the score is recorded and then brandished at every available point. Additionally their manager, Ian Dowie feels it his place (from the relegation zone) to advise Tottenham and other higher ranked teams on how they should play. The majority of their fans are incredibly smug individuals.
Even though Palace have been relegated, their smug fans will find a silver lining to it.
by Matt May 15, 2005
In adams opinion the best team in the whole world. But adam is gay and palace are crap.
Palace are crap and adam is gay.
by James December 14, 2004
thought by some to be good , not me not 6 billon other people, palace are crap, turd , poo, shit......
crystal palace are crap
by almay May 02, 2005
To crystal palace means to relax and go with the flow. Dont worry about it and it will happen on its own.
Steve: "Dude how long should I put the bread in the toster?"
Mark: "you gotta let it crystal palace."
by rallyprox April 07, 2005
loved by the fans. the one true team in english football. worshiped by many other sets of fans including charlton, millwall, brighton etc.
is that the 12 disciples. no, its ian dowie and his 11 eagles
by god December 10, 2004

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