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Horrible 13 dollar a gallon vodka that may cause blindness and /or psychosis. Prized by teenagers and college freshman alike.
I just drank a gallon of Grey Goose, and pissed out Crystal Palace. Some kid drank it, now he's blind. Sucker.
by SpikeDante May 07, 2007
The best party house in all of Las Cruces, and the United States. A magical place where the women are hot and the beer is cold. Beer pong and beer bongs are always available and the cops can't stop the party.
dude 1: Hey have you gone to the Crystal Palace?

dude 2: Yeah I got trashed there the other day.
by Big Kahuna (MFP) November 20, 2011
Simply the best football team to support, past greats include Ian Wright, Geoff Thomas, Andy Johnson, Geoff Thomas, Kenny Sansom, Don Rogers and Peter Simpson.
Look at Crystal Palace knocking another goal past Brighton.
by cpfc_eagles July 24, 2008
A way of telling someone that you are gay.

dave: "I'm going to support crystal palace."
pete:"Does your mom know you're gay?"
by mohair March 13, 2008
This is a sex act that started with the term, then went backward to the definition. Crystal Palace is apparently a flower, but it sounds like a sex act, so here's what it should mean: A Crystal Palace is when you urinate into a popsicle tray, then invite a bunch of people over and feed them the popsicles without telling them what they are. Some would argue that this is not a sex act, but any time your urine ends up in someone else's mouth, it's automatically sexual.
"Hey guys, want to come in and try a Crystal Palace?"
by Flint Brigsbee April 26, 2007
A term used for crystal meth
If someone asked you "hey, do you want to go to the crystal palace tonight?" that person would be asking you if you wanted to do some meth.
by Copernicus P. Einstein March 12, 2009
thought by some to be good , not me not 6 billon other people, palace are crap, turd , poo, shit......
crystal palace are crap
by almay May 02, 2005
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