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A girl who's an amazing bestfriend, and always knows how to make someone feel better. She's unique and beautiful. She likes to act crazy at times, but she knows when it's time to get serious! She's funny, and has a personality that's one of a kind. If you ever meet a Crysta, you know you've met someone special, and you have been blessed. Love you, Crysta!(:
Andrew: I want to eff Crysta.
Carey: Get in line.
Emma: Haha, i'm first.
Carey: No, I am.
Andrew: No, I called it!
Crysta: Sorry guys, but Andrews first in line!
Carey&Emma: Oh balls.
by Carey P, baby.(: July 27, 2010
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The craziest girl alive! It's always an adventure when Crysta is around.
Yes, its true what you've heard she is the secret member of the Avengers.
Roberto: Woahhh that crysta is one crazy girl!!
by Just a crazy guy May 23, 2013
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