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Candy bar from Japan, manufactured by Lotte, Inc.

consists of chocolate with bits of almond and crispies. A smooth and reasonably good quality chocolate with a fudge-like texture. Also referred to as "Crunky Walking Bar", whatever that means.
At the Oriental Cultural Center in Tempe you can buy all sorts of weird Japanese cany like Ramune Candy, Pocky, Bean Curd Balls, and Crunky.
by shovell July 19, 2006
(adv.) The state of being crunk (crazy, drunk). Having fun. Being wild and crazy.
"Let's get crunky!" "It's 'bout to get crunky up in heaya!"
by MoMo from Cali July 09, 2005
Drunk chicks skanks who just got provolone cheese thrown at them.
Those crunkies smell like cheese and semen.


I just slapped me a crunky.
by Brad Mclain October 14, 2007
Grungy + clunky + funky = crunky.
We had a party in the '63 Caddie with the fins, love-me seats, a mini bar in the back and an MP3 player in the deck. Way crunky.
by Pogo Stick June 06, 2005
How you might feel if you have a bad cold - as in 'cruddy and my nose is filled with gunk.' cruddy + gunky = crunky.
"This cold is so bad I'm feeling just plain crunky today."
by Steve MacThrusters December 29, 2007
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