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An annual period of campus-wide partying, drunkenness, crunkenness, and general debauchery at Swarthmore College, where participants form teams and earn assigned point values for ridiculous acts. The team that has the most points formulates the rules for the next Crunkfest. Mystery shrouds the rest of details of Crunkfest, with the intent of keeping most occurrences, acts of dubitable legality, out of the public spotlight.
Person: Did you guys hear about what happened at Crunkfest last year? Apparently some straight guys had sex together for points.

Guys: Yeah. They were the second place team.
by mr_natas March 23, 2009
Its a festival involving many people getting very crazy and drunk. There will always be large quantities of alcohol consumed and crunkfest and usually strippers.
You are cordially invited to the crunkfest this weekend...just bring some ho's.
by Jerd April 13, 2005
1. An event that takes place in a neighborhood over 4 or more days in which everyone drinks constantly together.
Yo man, Dj and Tyler are coming down for winterbreak, its gonna be Crunkfest 2010 part two!
by Jonny G the lettuce man December 09, 2010
wild parties thrown in The Valley (the san fernando valley, 818, l.a.) by white suburban kids who like to get crunked.
My parents are going to Cabo next week...CRUNK FEST!!!
by jordizzzle June 01, 2006

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