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Alcoholic beverages or drugs of such poor quality their use is only acceptable while crunk, or to reach a state of crunkenness.
Dude, that nasty 100-proof peppermint schnapps you bought is crunk junk!
by Mount P February 05, 2006
Crunk Junk is a phrase used to describe the things (drugs, alcohol) that get you crunk (messed up).
JOHNNY: Hey home boy what kinda crunk junk you got tonight?
TJ: Shit, I got some weed and i got a couple of 40's.
JOHNNY: Helll yaaa!!
by Johnny S. September 14, 2005
a type of dunk in streetball - it involves a self alley-oop and a 180 degree spin before catching the ball and dunking it over your head
did you see that crunk junk i just pull?
i know it was insane
by switch_19 March 22, 2006
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