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In Technology: When organizations collect data or relevant information from the masses of people using certain services or devices in order to compile useful information (anonymously) for the future development of other technologies.
Apple crowdsources (crowdsourced) WiFi hotspot and cell tower Location information from iPhone users to compile a database with locations of fixed WiFi access points and cell towers in order to enhance location based services on mobile devices.
by ITmcpheresonAZ May 12, 2011
A method popularly used by non-profit organizations to win free contracts for services through advertised competitions. Used most often to gain free website design services from young unemployed professionals. (i.e. crowdsourcing, crowd-sourcing, crowd-sourced)
"Wow, man looks like you got crowd-sourced out of a paying gig again. Sucks..."
by Redqwerq August 25, 2009

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