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To consistently not show up to important events and lie about whereabouts. Act like your too busy to be somewhere. Constant disregard for friendship. To leave someone hanging or screw over.
(noun) Your such a crouse for not showing up for class today.
(verb) Dude you really croused me today.

(verb) Be at my house tomorrow morning at 7am, and don't you crouse on me.
(adjective) No you cant borrow my car because you are too crouse.
by John (definently not Balls) October 23, 2013
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to be one of the best looking studs at the school
wow, that guy is a real crouse
by chelsey coke May 27, 2008
the act of doing some sort of intercourse.
"I cant believe that J-Love just croused her."

"Are Chris and Jordan crousing upstairs?"

"You wanna crouse?"
by BrosephSmith November 30, 2009
To urinate publicly and then deny it, esp. if one later runs for public office.
Angie croused outside a bar in south Scottsdale.
by longhairedinaz November 21, 2006
(v.) The process of repeatedly claiming to have quit smoking only to gradually return to the habit each time. A variation on Freudian denial.
He's been crousing spastically for months now.
by birtweiser August 08, 2005
A term used to describe Crouse's crouse. However, having a crouse is not limited to people who are named Crouse. Anyone, with sufficient girth, can have a crouse but only Crouse can have a Crouse's crouse.
"How the heck does Crouse's crouse fit in those pants?"

"You better watch it Jon, or else you're going to get a Crouse!"
by Ingham February 11, 2005

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