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A large portion of dense clay-like stool, which takes a long time to reveal itself from your butt.
I'm about to give birth to a Crotty Kid.
by SharkBait007 August 05, 2011
a badass motherfucker...
man that kid must be a crotty...
by john May 23, 2004
also means dirty, derived from the french word "croté", meaning really dirty. Also, there was this gas station owner named Mr. Crotty who used the carwash as a bathroom. Crotty.
Ewww, that pizza was left in the trunk, now its all crotty.
by Ken August 02, 2004
1. A dark, moist place.
2. A technical term used in knitting (local to Wisconsin.)

(from Ft. Smith, Arkansas, where there is a Dr. Crotty Foot Clinic.)
In the fall of 2002, Nike introduced new shoes that separated the big toe from the rest of the foot, thus inflicting thousands of hip young people with crottyfoot.


She was having trouble knitting; the yarn kept catching in the crotty.
by jbean October 08, 2003

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