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A term for the most perfect man in the world. A man of legend, who is even more interesting than The Most Interesting Man In The World. Thus he has earned the moniker, The Most Extremely Fascinating Man in the Universe. So fascinating in fact, that he does not need a beer company to sponsor him! Beer companies are afraid of his power! He once killed eight lions with his pinky finger, and his blood is made of liquefied platinum! The Most Interesting Man in the World, grovels at the feet of Crotti.
No man will ever measure up to Crotti, it's just not possible!
by MsMDub December 19, 2012
1. A young man who eats skittles off of another young men's genitals. 2. A violent cokehead that beats on young women because he feels sexually inept and blames them for his own misfortune. 3. A young gay man who often claims that he is going to commit suicide for attention.
1. He bought a bag of skittles and got crottied at a party.
2. That Crotti went to jail for beating his wife to death.
3. A crotti may claim that he is going to kill himself, but it's all for show.
by DuckU279 June 14, 2008

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