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Also known as habitual line stepping. Owning someone so bad that there is actaual pain emotionally or physically to the person and you feel somewhat bad about it.
Dude you just hit me in the eye with a pad lock...comon now, you're crossing the line here.
by Tigbits Magooligan July 11, 2005
Something one does when temptation becomes too much to handle. Usually done with someone on "The List"(see the list) when it is bad to do so!
So we hooked up last night and crossed the line. Not all the lines! There were some things that we didn't do and lines we didn't cross.
by John September 30, 2003
When one decides it not fun being a good girl all the time, and gives in to sexual temptation. You can still convince yourself it's ok, if you dont cross all lines.
Yeah, I gave in after six years of being a good girl and went for it. Does that make me a bad person?
by donkey September 30, 2003
v. showering with a man and then putting your mouth around his penis
I can admire a man's penis in the shower, but putting my mouth on it is crossing the line.
by Yiping July 15, 2006
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