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Girl's name
It's the female name for Peter.
bonjour, je m'appelle Petra
by Petra January 03, 2004
A country in serious trouble because of a long civil war which has developed into a Genocide by the janjaweed. Over 300,000 have died and more die each month...over a million are homeless...they are fleeing to neighboring Chad. They need help, the UN should send troops.
Sudan isn't the same as Iraq because Iraq wasn't in the middle of a genocide...don't let Sudan be another Rwanda!
by Petra April 13, 2005
A great show about a pathologists solving crimes (yeah, obviously, usually murders) using the body and crime scene as clues. Like CSI, but with feeling.
Did you watch Crossing Jordan last night?
Yeah, of course!!!
by Petra April 13, 2005
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