To be drunk as all get out and high at the same time. I essence being fucked beyond all functioning.
George: wow did you see Sally last night?
Debra: mhhmm she couldn't even light a cigarette.
George: yeah, she was crossfaded.
by meeesh December 17, 2007
Top Definition
The act of being both drunk as hell and high as 'ish at the same time.
Man, I really need to get a little crossfade tonight!
by Jeff Frank June 09, 2005
To get drunk and high (on marijuana) at the same time.

See also beer before bong
"How much did you drink last night?"
"I dunno, i blacked out after i cross faded."
by TFK! February 01, 2009
A hard rock band consisting of Ed Sloan (vocals, guitar), Mitch James (bass, vocals), Brian Geiger (drums), and Tony Byroads (turntables, sampler, vocals).
"Cold" and "Starless" are two singles by Crossfade.
by anonymous June 13, 2004
A function on many audio mixers and turntables that allows the DJ to transition smoothly from one song to the next by turning the volume down on the first song as it ends and up on the new song as it begins.
"DJ Funk transitioned from a fast song into a slow one, cranking the crossfade slowly."
by SaintIvesLotion April 18, 2009
a kick ass group, but their cd has only 10 tracks.
other good songs besides cold and starless are colors, so far away and no giving up.
by Adrian December 16, 2004
An okay band, with ten tracks on their second CD, titled Crossfade. Their worst song is most definately Cold, however their other songs, such as So Far Away, No Giving Up, and Starless are much better.
Crossfade (CD title)
1. Starless
2. Cold
3. So Far Away
4. Colors
5. Death Trend Setta
6. The Deep End
7. No Giving Up
8. Dead Skin
9. Disco
10. The Unknown
by Wahoo! Fish September 17, 2006
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