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The small community that not very many people want to visit just ten minutes south of Bushnell. The only way to get to houses here are on the numerous dirt roads and through woods. Hunting plays a large part in this community and you made find people down at Silver Lake or the Withlacoochee River, swimming away from alligators. Croom a Coochee is centered around the "Country Store": a rundown gas station with two pumps and expensive cigarettes and beer. It's customers include a variety of rednecks, drug dealers and crack addicts. You learn about the entire "town" on the bulletin board where you can find your next exotic pet such as a chicken or horse. Croomite is a common term for those who live here. You can often find everyone walking around with black feet as most people don't wear shoes. Beware of the cop that sits in the same exact spot every day and thinks he can pull you over for speeding through the 30mph speed zone. Don't forget about the blonde headed kids who ride their bikes on seven bend road every day. You're likely to hit one while driving by. Never go out at night or you may possibly be raped, shot, or some crack addict lady with no bra on and a mini skirt may ask you for some drugs. Gotta love to live in Croom A Coochee.
Boy: Where do you live at?
Girl: Croom A Coochee.
Boy: Oh god, you're a Croomite. God bless your soul.
Girl: Yeah, come visit me and see if you make it out alive.
Boy: No thanks.
by croomite4lyfe November 02, 2011
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