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noun; a state of mind, rather than a place, characterized by long stretches of seemingly endless boredom; emphasized by uninterrupted stretches of binge drinking which may or may not include loss of memory, friends, and/or property, and the bitches are no where to be found.
That party last night made me feel like I was in Crookston; I boned a goat and do not remember what happened after that.
by SwaggaDaddyK March 07, 2011
location: bum f*** nowhere. A flat topographic-less farm city, with no trees. Where walmart is not only bigger than the town, but it brainwashing it's citizens. But those who aren't corrupted are full of pure amazingness.
Crookston is a very calm town, with a tzar named Walmart.
by 1352 March 01, 2011

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