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Verb: To Cuddle up together.
Do you think one day we'll ever croodle?

Did that crazy so and so just ask me to croodle?

Watching a movie with an amazing croodle friend with a box of nacho's is the beez kneez.

He croodled her with all his affections and it was all that he wrote for me!
by IwasnttheNoodleItwasTheCroodle August 30, 2011
A cross between a crouton and a labradoodle.
"Yo, that croodle tasted like gork, except with extra kitten."
by The Beck October 28, 2008
A cross between a crouton and a labradoodle.
I can't believe it. That croodle is eating some strange form of gorp, where the peanuts have been replaced with kittens!
by The Beck October 14, 2008
Another word for crap
Oh, croodles! I forgot to do that.
by star9264 June 04, 2015
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