weed with coke in it gives you that little base hit we all love
yo get me some of that cronic and add some extra powder
by Thomas May 18, 2004
Top Definition
High grade Marijuana / kind bud.
Lets fire up some of that cronic.
by WickedPaganNinja November 30, 2003
Bomb ass bud that'll take you from sober to stunned in 2 hits. DOES NOT CONTAIN COKE. Often contains orange/red hairs and white fuzz NOT COKE...
If anyone tells you this shit has coke in it they are wrong. I have some in front of me.
We gotta roll to 67th and Camelback to pick up the half o of that cronic bitch
by Drew Ewing November 13, 2004
Tha shit dat gets you highhhhhhhh
I only smoke da cronic nigguh.
by Matt January 06, 2005
another form of crackheads
Those cronics stole the rims off of my car.
by darrinmajor November 02, 2007
it's that bomb 20$ a gram sticky green
hits from the bong that smell like christmas all over
by bro-ham December 05, 2003
The best bud that you can get in an area. it is not a type of bud.
David lets hit up carl and get some cronic.
by tylertoke[BB] July 06, 2007
this is a word that can be used in any situation, for any mood or subject, to display how much you have of one thing.
*thats cronic.
*hey that sams a cronic masterbater
*i have a cronic love for choclate
by dasko March 26, 2008
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