To say that someone acts very gay but is known to be married or in a heterosexual relationship.
"Dude that haircut makes you look like a crompton"
#gay #crompton #me #neil #opposite #sex
by Timeq2 December 27, 2009
Top Definition
1) To throw an object 10 yards above a person's head or 10 yards short of their feet.

2) To perform a task well in a non-consequential activity but poorly in a real-life scenario.
Man, I would have caught that beer if you hadn't Cromptoned it!
#jonathan crompton #tennessee vols #football #practice #fail
by VolsTotheWall September 15, 2009
Missing a specific goal or targer by a large margin; occurs equally often in both high and low pressure situations.
Man, she wouldn't have gotten pregnant if I hadn't cromptoned.
#pregnant #sex #crompton #jizz #baby
by Rocky Top Whistler October 12, 2009
the inability to play quarterback
Crompton's ability to lose a game despite being surrounded with great talent
#crompton #tennessee #vols #football #sucks #jonathon
by Crompton's Lover September 23, 2009
Crompton is a surname and means has a lot of friends but also means 'bitchy personality'.
Crompton is a surname.
by Popular_kid123 January 25, 2016
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