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A fierce reptile native to Latrobe, Pennsylvania, living in the swamps and creeks. They are part crocodile, part alligator, and part camen. Fully grown, they can be up to 10 feet long. Crocodilios hunt upon medium to large sized prey ranging from beavers to even humans. An encounter with one means almost certain death, for the first strike is deadly. One must be on high guard when entering their territory. Crocodilios are very stealthy creatures and often hunt in packs. Breeding season lasts from early May to late June. This is when it is most dangerous. These creature go away in hiding in late summer and hibernate during the cold Pennsylvania winters.
"Dude we better get out of here. I think I just saw a crocodilio."

Oh shit dude we don't want to get eaten by one!
by p8ntballermike August 14, 2010
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