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A Hobo from the town of Crewe, England
There goes Crobo with his can of Brasso and his Bin Sandwich.
by Captin Hotpants June 16, 2009
1.A warrior who fights using only speed and stealth found in south east United States,

2. A well known sub-urban gamer

3. Warrior of shadows/ shadow warrior of the Cherokee indian tribe
4. an odd nickname used when playing online videogames
Crobo posesses stealth is better than a ninja, and speed faster than a marathon runner
capable of sensing threats in the area, impossible stealth capabilities, and inhuman like fighting styles.
by crobo July 05, 2009
a 1337 gamer who pwnz yuo
Omg i got pwned by Cr0b0
by guy December 13, 2004
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