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to crive someone is to like sdmeone so much that it becomes more than a crush, but you're unsure if its love. Or that maybe you're not sure what love is
I crive for you.
Do you Crive me?
You've been my friend for a while now, i think i'm starting to crive you.
by Camille [and Brooke] October 02, 2007
crying while driving
"What took you so long?"
"Sorry, I took the long way here and had a good crive to All By Myself"
by lostandfawn January 13, 2010
A sensation when one craves for something and it becomes the drive of, or the actual drive to it.
"I found myself came to a point where I crived so deeply, just in an instant, I finally had the motivation to do it."

- Are you in the car?
- I'm criving to meet with my boyfriend; it's been a month since I last saw him.
- So, now it's literally a Sex Crive.
by pekiboy July 23, 2015
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