Danielle Verde's man... The most perfect man alive; both soccer-wise and looks-wise... hands off biatches :P
'omg is that Cristiano and Danielle'
'Oh yehhhh, aren't they just the cutest couple'
'Fowwwwww showwwwwwwww'
by dani March 31, 2005
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Cristiano Ronaldo is the next player to make the number 7 shirt famous, just as King Eric did in the 90's, Ronaldo will do it in the 00's.
Millwall Cup Final and that cross - need I say more
by Mike August 23, 2004
To jump in the air and take a dive hard on the ground then wince in pain to catch the referees attention, although no one even came close to touching you.

To get your club teammate sent off for the benefit of your own team.
Buddy just stop cristiano ronaldo-ing, we know you're falling on purpose.
by tehretardedbunny July 14, 2006
Portugese 20years old
A footballing genius
1 of Man uniteds star players
Myb a football legend aswell
a player who the english fan want to blame 4 the world cup exit instead of facing the fact that they didn't desereve to go any futher in the world cup because they aren't good enough or didn't play good enough to get to the semi-finals
Cristiano ronaldo skills are buffling
by lyrical August 03, 2006
one of the best soccer players in the world
i want to be the second cristiano ronaldo.
by manutdrox October 05, 2008
Ronaldo= fit, gorge, sexy, delicious, fruity basically anything that discribes good looking & great player

He is sooooooooooooooooo fine n definatly gets 100 outta 100
ronaldo is the definition of fittest man alive.
very fit guy that is great @ playin footy
by steph August 31, 2004
One of the biggest cheats in football. However, is very talented when he's not rolling around on the floor, begging for free kicks or penaltys. Despite contrary beliefe, he is not THAT attractive and frequently gets a full body wax. He is also known for desperatly attempting to get players for the opposition sent off.
Ted: Look, Fred! Cristiano Ronaldo's on the floor again after tripping over thin air!

Fred: It's a shame he brings his huge ego onto the pitch with him. I don't know how he gets his big head through the tunnel :/
by MyWay. September 22, 2008
Fit, gorge, amazing Portuguese footie player...best of the best. Euro Cup...need I say more? I think not.
Damn, Ronaldo has skill!
by Hellish November 13, 2004

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