a fag who loves the spooky cock
i see you looking at that dude! don't be a cris delgado!
by the kool kids klub leader February 14, 2011
Top Definition
A Cris Delgado is the best person on this planet! They always have your back no mater what. They always have jokes usually sexual jokes that are extremely funny. They are extremely sexy but they usually dont beliieve it. They are not always the sharpest tool in the ahead but they are pretty darn amazing. Once you meet a Cris Delgado you will never forget them. Yep they are that amazing. They are also sweet if your ever feeling down they'll cheer up and give you a good augh :). I love my Cris Delgado. :)They are kind and such a little cutie!
Addison Klaire: "I wish I had Cris Delgado as a boyfriend. He is unforgettable" :)
by addison.klaire :) November 30, 2012
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