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the reproductive organ of a ghost.
Beware the spooky cock it will rape you as soon and as long as possible coming in contact with a spooky cock would be a very bad idea.
Oh my god that fucking ghost got me with his spooky cock
by uRBan diCTIONARy EXTRodenare November 10, 2008
When you sleep with a random girl, and wake up the next day to notice your penis looks completely different and like a strangers.
Dude i banged that skank last nite and woke up with a damn spooky cock.
by jdizzle23 February 04, 2009
Raping someone in the dark.
Don't go into that poorly light alley, I hear that people get the spooky cock all the time.
by KonkyDongs July 12, 2014
when you show your dick to a girl and it spooks her becuse of how big it is. that means you have a spooky cock.
Last night when Ashley was at my house, I showed her my spooky cock. She screamed when she saw how big it is.
by eocsirbekaj October 17, 2009

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