a nice way of sayin yous a krab a$$ nigga and ain't shit gonna change...you kill ya own kind, that's why da Bloods is here bitch
see a krip, killa krip, watch my favorite kolor drip, but neva deny dat krabs bitch kause you know she great a suckin dis Blood niggas dick...crip niggas die
by westside hilltop blood April 11, 2006
Stands for Community Revolution In Progress. If you see any crips outside of the United States then their FAKE wanabes that think its cool to throw the blue flag and intimidate others. My last trip to Germany i was amazed to see how many white youths over there were so infatuated with gang culture in the US they go as far as to mimic their "c" walk and dress like them aswell.
german: ziz im ze crips of ze komton kalifornzia
Black dude: oh hella naw nigga fuck u white pale ass shit face motha fucka
German: c'zz up bezz down
Black dude: *pulls out 9mm* pop pop motha fucka
by Killa'Cam May 27, 2007
A member of the San Francisco based street gang called the Crips. Blue-clad archrival of the red-clad Bloods. The name Crip originates from the original name of the Bloods; "Piru". In reverse, that's Urip, and then the "U" is rotated to say "Crip". Voila.
All the Bloods in da club poppin' crips
by SLEEZ [MOD Graffix] August 11, 2004
a buncha punk ass crab ass bitches dat r pussies
B's up C's Down cuz the crips are a buncha punk ass crabs
by CK ALL DAY March 16, 2004
Extremely large gang that oringinated in L.A. California. They rivals to the other main street gang in L.A. the bloods. Crips where blue bandanas around their mouth or in their left back pocket. They are known to where blue clothing and are an extrememly dangerous and highly respected gang! They use the word cuzz when addressing each other. They also have hand signs which they use to identify each other.

When writing they also tend to cross out 'b's in words annd replace them with 'c's(this tends to show disrespect).
Crips manly consist of blacks but in many prisons accross the United States white crips are appearing in ever greater numbers.
by Badman Ja May 13, 2006
Gang out of Compton. Colors are blue and are part of the people nation. Usually live in ghettos. there biggest rivals are the Bloods of the folk nation.
during a drive-by Crips will yell: "Yo, I bang that red nigga BLAT!!!"
by B-Rol March 22, 2007
The most gangsta motherfuckers there is!!!!!
Snoop doggy dogg be reppin the crips
by asdfghjklqwertyuiop May 04, 2007

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