The most gangsta motherfuckers there is!!!!!
Snoop doggy dogg be reppin the crips
by asdfghjklqwertyuiop May 04, 2007
a gang member that wears a blue orange are gray flag
a gang that means crips run in packs
by G-rob January 10, 2007
A gang started to protect neighborhoods in black communities of los angeles, but niggaz always take shit outta hand, so now its about some gang shit.
Crips started in califorinia, so why these bitch ass new york niggaz dying for a street they never seen.
by Lil Mike February 29, 2004
a real gang name
Kill the Crip
by Mr.Burnz May 04, 2003
crip niggaz fo life,stay strong homies!crip niggas are one of the most dangerous gang in Americs mostly found in ghetto areas such as compton and other shit.Their rival gang are the bloods who were famous for their stupid red rags.crips called a blood slobs to show disrespect fo bloods.The rapper game is a blood.that nigga.Also the rapper snoop dogg and legendary 2pac are from the crips.crips wear blue rags and clothes.Those black ass bloods suk my dick.Bloods are outnumbered by the crips.
crips tand not to write ck behind to repesent crip i'll be bacc not i'll be back
by Ghettorich October 06, 2006
shootin practice for bloods, also people who enjoy wearin bright colours
kill da crips, they dont pack any clips cos they so poor they cant even pay fo chip
by josh prato- forte August 08, 2006
The name Crip stands for Community revolution in progress. The Crip Gang is the largest and most dominant Gang in the world. The Crip Gang could have eliminated the rival gang (blood) if they wouldn't have started tripping on each other. The only thing stopping this Gang from being dominant again is themselves.
Them Crips ride deep.
by bluebear357 April 06, 2015

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