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To be absolutely useless with all forms of technology, if they touch anything it will go wrong or break.
Also commonly uses the words goat or muppet.
person with cripps gene: the pc has stopped working!
normal person: let me look
person with cripps gene: what the??... how did you do that
normal person: I dont have the cripps gene

Cripps: that person drives like a goat.

by 01010101010101010 October 15, 2008
A large error. A mistake with large consequences.

Derived from Dave Cripps - chief disastoror extrodinaire.
'Oh no, I've done a right Cripps here.'

'You've Crippsed that up good and propper.'
by Dr Jones March 23, 2005
To be a complete and utter dobber. particularly when posting on an internet football forum. He likes to suck dick, particularly that of Scottish men named marc.
My mate was being a fanny so i asked him why he was acting like Cripps.
by bananananaman December 02, 2008