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A bad-ass chick who's hot && she knows it!! She can get any boy she wants but usually picks the one that treats her like shit!!! But then the good guy comes along && sweeps her off her feet!! She's sweet and she's great with kids!! She'll be a great mommy someday!!!!! She's lovable, sweet, caring, always hungry, could survive off pure raman noodles, and has great friends that she'll keep for the rest of her life!!!!! Also, a great sister, regardless of the stealing of her sister's stuff.
Hot Guy: "Hey man, did you see Crimson this morning?"
Hot Guy's Friend: " Yeah dude, she be looking super fine as always!!!!"
Hot Guy: "Any guy would be lucky to have that.."
Hot Guy's Friend: "True dat!"
by CrimsonsSister May 19, 2010
A deep rich purplish red colour.

The cape's crimson.
by Jafje April 10, 2007
only the most kick ass color.
When you shoot your face it turns crimson.
by Crimson_Killier October 02, 2003
Someone or something that is the greatest example of the color Crimson. The person is usually vastly intelligent, silent but when speaks; speaks with wisdom, somewhat durable, often dark and mysterious at first, and is caring and sweet.

As a color, Crimson is the color of blood and shows that it is dark, bold, and shows a great meaning behind it.
"Look at the crimson moon, it's beautiful."
by Strkt0r December 10, 2006
A High School student who thinks they are better than everyone else. Usually a preppy freshman or a popular Junior or Senior who looks down on kids. Sophomores are pretty immune to this definition because they are warm enough to stay below the radar.
Joe1: Dude that kid is so annoying, he thinks hes soooo fresh.
Joe2: Hell yeah! what a crimson...
Joe1: Well said
by Szechuan2319 March 03, 2011
Deeply and incredibly awesome.
I saw this crimson sportbike, I'd love to ride one of those!
by ifreefly Jedi June 06, 2005
1) my little bby girl!!!
2) a very pretty reddish color
1) I love Crimson, my little girl so much!!

2)Crimson is the best color ever!!
by C.barbee September 29, 2008