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Great voice, lyrics and attitude..
Next Big Thing
"why the fuck did they make 50 cent big.. when Banks was right there.. "
by xoxoxo October 18, 2003
BiC (for short) is the perhaps the most handsome and caring guy to ever have lived. He loves all types of Ninja movies, is extremely educated, and has the most adorable kitten ever! He's talented at playing his electric guitar and making girls smile. One of his favorite foods would include Gyoza. He lives in Washington, but his heart belongs to Anchorage. Besides being interesting, he's sweet, adorable, tall, a MAC USER (which is a plus in my book), attentive, and fun to talk to. I look forward to meeting him in a month so I can show him my vast (haha) knowledge of constellations and give him a hug.
It's a damn shame that Born In Crimson doesn't live on the East Coast.
by xoxoxo September 03, 2004
A talented Ninja. Capable of kicking your ass to a bloody pulp. Kind, caring, sweet, and good-looking. Musically inclined, and very creative.
Crimson is fucking awesome.
by xoxoxo September 02, 2004
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