A word used to describe Christmas by people who are ashamed of there non Christian identity but still want to join in with the festive activities.
merry crimbo everyone
by Triton December 27, 2004
Top Definition
Crimbo is a slang word for christmas
hey ben have a proper crimbo
by rammvena December 20, 2003
A secular version of Christmas, esp. the commercial aspects of the holiday.
Have you gone shopping for Crimbo yet?
by Nomatophobe December 24, 2008
The online celebration of the Christmas holiday, partaken by those who do not chose to celebrate Hannukkimbo.
I can't wait until crimbo. I sure hope Jick doesn't screw it up this time.
by Lee Pospisil November 30, 2005
A gathering of friends held around Christmas time which centers around heavy drinking and merrymaking.
I drank so much at the crimbo last night that I woke up wearing only the upper half of an elf costume.
by jtk2012 December 11, 2012
Another word for criminal.
Don't mess with him, he's a total crimbo.
by middleclasstoff August 11, 2011
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