I heard my Pop (Grandfather)say crikeys many times he was born in 1910 and this example he said in the 1980s.
Crikeys Steveo watch out for them solicitors there all crooks and thiefs they'll take your last shilling.
by Lewy Lewis August 05, 2006
Euphemism for the blasphemy 'Christ kill me!'.

Akin to 'Cor blimey!' (God blind me).

Used when suprised/shocked.
"Crikey! I wasn't expecting that."
by Stainsbod May 26, 2008
An Australianism or Aussieism made famous by the Crocodile hunter Steve Irwin, most normal Aussies do not use this word much at all.
Real words from a Lebanese Australian (in jest)
If our children say Crikey, we beat them.
by Woohzal March 11, 2008
its not really australian as such, origonally men of the english black country, us working class midlanders always uses this word insteda saying "oh god", white ausies musta borrowed the word from our prisoners.
john: oh crikey, walsall are loosing, why dow they get the ball out to the em,
mick: I know, they bloody hopeless
by paul hinton May 05, 2006
A ceramic sphere with an abstract ornate pattern emblazoned on it, often with a hole on one end.
Oh, blimey, don't break that crikey!
by wardog October 24, 2006

Made famous by Danger Mouse.
by tutash June 06, 2003
"holy cow"
as used in NY Times crossword puzzle July 31, 2003
by Anonymous July 31, 2003

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