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1. A person who has one white parent and one black parent, making them a nigger and a cracker.

2. A person who is white, but looks as if they should be black; an albino black person.

3. A white person who thinks they are black. Also called a wigger.
1. John: "Obama is the best president this country has seen!"

Rick: "No, he's just a crigger."

2. Little Boy: "Mommy, why does that man look weird?"
Mom: "Because honey, he's a crigger."

3. "Yo man i'm nigga fa life!"
"More like crigga fa life!"
by just a regular G December 28, 2009
A derogatory term for a member of the stage crew of any theatrical production. Also known as Stage Criggers. This term is extremely offensive and is used by actors to criticize those who do all the work during the play.
Dirty stage crigger, im gonna hang you up in a tree.
by crigger March 26, 2007
Cracker + Nigger

A Crigger is a person that is black AND white...

Interracial Child/Adult
Black Daddy, White Momma
by ChaseS June 13, 2004
(n) A derogatory term for a derelict, homeless person, or bum. A dirty, dirty, stinking hobo.
1. There's lots of cracktard criggers around downtown Dallas.

2. Tony is the biggest crigger I have ever seen. Seriously.
by Rose March 21, 2005
Crigger is the name for a person who is half black, and half white. A Cracker N*gg*r.
"So my mom is black, and my dad is white. Weird, huh?"
"So what, you're a crigger?"
by Roop April 01, 2007
A dumb ass white person who thinks they are black, please! CR stands for cracker.
That fucken crigger swears he looks good in Sean Jean.
by atrition March 19, 2003
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