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The combination of two or more races. Can refer to couples where the individuals are of different race or children who are mixed with different races.
Kevin, a white Irish-American doctor, and Valerie, an African-American professor, announced their engagement last week. They plan to put an interracial figurine on their cake.

Jacqueline's couldn't decide whether to do a heritage paper on her mother, Korean American, or her father, Kenyan American. Her teacher was happy to let her do a paper on her interracial heritage by telling her to do both.
by United-Nations May 13, 2009
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Interracial relates to marriages, relationships, or dating between different races. In the 2000 census, there were 1.6 million interracial marriages in America. The number has undoubtedly increased. One important center is Montclair, NY where mixed-race babies are the norm.

Rebutting 2 common arguments against interracial mixing: 1. interracial mixing doesn't erase culture, because it promotes tolerance BETWEEN cultures, and the mixed children will be aware of many cultures, so that this world will have more SMART, DIVERSIFIED ppl instead of ethnocentric, ignorant ppl. It may lead to world peace.
2. Interracial mixing doesn't harm Asian men or black women because the reason these 2 groups are "losing" is based on their own behavior and media stereotypes. Commonly, Asian men act ethnocentric and lacking social skills to interact with Americans of all races, similarly Black women are also resistant to other races. So, if both groups would be more open and confident at parties, dating sites, whatever, they would find great success in taking risks, and ignoring the foolish advice of traditional parents.

Though some parents are liberal, others, especially Puritans and 1st-gen immigrants, tend to restrict their children to their own race. In this case, the children must realize they're the future, this is their life, and their parents are bound by the false ropes of a by-gone age, so they must make the decision themselves.

We need to understand racism and why ppl hate interracial mixing, which i call "individuality interaction", since individuals interact based on personality, not appearances of race. And listen to your heart, not just your peers and parents.
Jon: I have many friends in interracial marriages, but I'm too scared to risk rejection from the opposite sex or my parents' anger.
Sally: You shouldn't fear either, since life is short and every decision you make you should make for yourself. Parents are living in a modern world too; this world requires individuality and experience to succeed. That's why romantic success often is interracial, b/c by looking past appearances, you'll find that one true soulmate whose personality matches you perfectly. And then it'll all be worth it, the criticisms, self-doubt, etc. Just be brave.
by thecuriouspen July 26, 2006
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I wrote the definition for interracial above, as thecuriouspen, but I would like to revise what I said earlier.

Interracial dating does have its problems when it involves racial fetishes, inequality between the two partners in power in terms of social status, or is based solely on race.
It only makes sense to date someone without basing it on race alone, which makes it hypocritical and superficial.

So, couples of the same race can be beautiful, and if of a different race, if it's not based solely on race, same applies.
I have been in interracial relationships but ended up with someone of the same race (African) and we're happily married now. Non-interracial is just as beautiful a couple.

I'd like my former definition to be revised directly, or delete the previous one and replace it with this one, please.

The reason is because I have seen some interracial relationships that were just as much based on superficial appearances and golddiggers, so I don't want to act like interracial can do no wrong. In the end, there are going to be people who view others as objects, and this is one of the common pitfalls of interracial dating.
by thecuriouspen June 07, 2009
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A term that in reality means "Black male, white female", since 99.9999% of "interracial relationships" are of this makeup.

Blame MTV for it's brainwashing of American youths, especially the particularly vulnerable and impressionable white females in America.

White females appear to be the most gullible and therefore willing to be in interracial relationships. You see relatively few white men/black women relationships. Black women usually choose their own race, as do most hispanic women. IN fact, white women are SO accepting of banging ANYTHING you'll even see them being the most common color to engage in bestiality. They appear to not care at all of what enters their vagina.

The common misconception (and argument) is that skin color is the ONLY difference. However, as can be seen with diseases/illnesses that affect only certain races, such as black people, or are especially common in black people (or Mexican, etc.), genetically there are very major differences as well. This however is usually not mentioned and instead White Guilt and being politically correct is used to help further promote interracial 'dating' (again, meaning Black guys, white girls).
Google 'Interracial porn' in Google Images and tell me what color male/female combination you see the most of.
by KeepinItRealYo September 24, 2012
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A category of porn videos in which a black man has sex with any other non-black woman
Interviewer: would you ever do an interracial scene?

Dillion (an Irish porn star who's made videos with multiple races): no
by The real hotdog January 14, 2017
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A crime against humanity.
A: Dwayne and Lolita have an interracial baby.
B: Poor thing...
by AlohaCono December 21, 2011
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