Retard, length sucking birthday party wendy house crashing gangbanger of 3 year olds
Crev...Fuck off, fuck off!
by Carlos December 20, 2004
Top Definition
panzy, vagina, or any small enclosed area with lips. Also known as a Danny Davido.
Rob: Yo, were you at that ridiculous party last night?
Danny: No, my girlfriend made me watch the Notebook.
Rob: You fucking CREV!
by Crevnation101 April 06, 2011
1. A small space or crevice
2. To tell a jokingly false statement
3. A word that shows exclamation
1. Look at this crev!
2. Are you crevvin me?
3. Oh crev! There's a sale on magic tricks!
by Crove Crimers April 03, 2013
short for crevice; a tight space or crease.

common phrases :

1.) stuck in a crev
2.) you're a crev
3.) crevastating crev of crevalocity
Bro 1: "hey bro can i fit in here?"
Bro 2: "yeah man but ur gonna have to squeeze, its a crev"
Bro 1: "I was in your moms crev"
Bro 2: "GTFO"
by Iron chef of pounding vag February 21, 2012
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