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Any creationist who displays an immense amount of ignorance and retardedness while arguing in favour of their religion. In other words, any creationist who argues in favour of religion.
VenomFangX: Evolutionists believe that we came from dirty apes. Well I have one thing to say about that: Wanna bananna? Huh? Do ya? Do you want the bananna?

Any smart person: Dude, you are such a cretard.
by AeroCooper November 23, 2007
207 89
The critique of a person/occurrence that shows retarded tendencies or displays ignorance in any way.
It's cretarding time when someone stares blankly at a carton of orange juice just because it said CONCENTRATE.
by crazymanz February 01, 2010
14 5
Someone who is a cretin and a retard.
Person 1: *someone* is a retard.
Person 2: *someone* is really dense.
Person 3: So, *someone* is a cretard.
by HGCE March 10, 2007
7 11
(n). A credit-challenged individual. i.e. Someone unable to secure suitable financing.
Brian is a cretard. He's definitely cretarded. No bank will take him.
by Blue_Genes December 10, 2010
1 6
some one who finds new and creative ways to be retarded.
that cretard is taking apart wet floor signs to make skis for the snow...
by seamonkey87 February 13, 2010
1 6
A crazy retard
Man, stop acting like a cretard.
by cretard September 09, 2008
1 11
One who is creatively retarded.
Ryan D. is such a cretard.

The cretard wanted a banana, so he ate his yellow crayon.
by smartieracer May 12, 2004
8 18