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Any creationist who displays an immense amount of ignorance and retardedness while arguing in favour of their religion. In other words, any creationist who argues in favour of religion.
VenomFangX: Evolutionists believe that we came from dirty apes. Well I have one thing to say about that: Wanna bananna? Huh? Do ya? Do you want the bananna?

Any smart person: Dude, you are such a cretard.
by AeroCooper November 23, 2007
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The critique of a person/occurrence that shows retarded tendencies or displays ignorance in any way.
It's cretarding time when someone stares blankly at a carton of orange juice just because it said CONCENTRATE.
by crazymanz February 01, 2010
some one who finds new and creative ways to be retarded.
that cretard is taking apart wet floor signs to make skis for the snow...
by seamonkey87 February 13, 2010
Someone who is a cretin and a retard.
Person 1: *someone* is a retard.
Person 2: *someone* is really dense.
Person 3: So, *someone* is a cretard.
by HGCE March 10, 2007
(n). A credit-challenged individual. i.e. Someone unable to secure suitable financing.
Brian is a cretard. He's definitely cretarded. No bank will take him.
by Blue_Genes December 10, 2010
A crazy retard
Man, stop acting like a cretard.
by cretard September 09, 2008
One who is creatively retarded.
Ryan D. is such a cretard.

The cretard wanted a banana, so he ate his yellow crayon.
by smartieracer May 12, 2004
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