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Any creationist who displays an immense amount of ignorance and retardedness while arguing in favour of their religion. In other words, any creationist who argues in favour of religion.
VenomFangX: Evolutionists believe that we came from dirty apes. Well I have one thing to say about that: Wanna bananna? Huh? Do ya? Do you want the bananna?

Any smart person: Dude, you are such a cretard.
by AeroCooper November 23, 2007
When one looks back on a past experience, and they actually look back. (Behind them)
The boy glemented about the time he caught a large fish, and quickly noticed a stray Halloween decoration dangling behind his head.
by AeroCooper October 15, 2007
Any word with far too many suffixes to be useful in a conversation.
Establishmentarionism is a wom'dedingedingderun if I ever saw one!
by AeroCooper October 15, 2007
A parody of the slang use of the word Jewish, in which a religious belief is used to mean "stupid" or "pointless".

Any of the uses for the word "Jewish" apply to Wiccan.
1. That drink costed $12? That's so Wiccan!
2. That Carl guy is so Wiccan; he hangs out by Sears all the time!
by AeroCooper October 15, 2007

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