A term to describe something cool. Made semi-popular by a show that used to air on MTV called Sifl & Olly and its all-sock-puppet cast.
Sifl & Olly is crescent fresh. I'm going to go download the episodes.
by Seer-of-Shadows April 21, 2004
Top Definition
Angry man say dangity-dang
He go to the park to hangity-hang, but
His whole life's a mess!
Angry dude with many tattoos
He's living his life so crudity-rude, and
His short life's a mess!
Nice-ity guy goes flying a kite
and nice-ity girl, she like-ity likes him, and
Super cres at best!
Hippity dude likes hackity-sack,
Don't eat-a the meat, or smoke-a the crack, and
Super cres at best!

by Shannon December 16, 2002
Being exceptionally cool, something so spectacular that the mind loses the ability to make sense
Did you see that new car, it was so crescent fresh!
by aslam ali October 23, 2003
adj; Of great kick-assity.
So awesome that there isn't enough letters in the word "Awesome" to explain the "Awesome-ness" of said situation.
Dude she's so cresent fresh.
She's cresent fresh at best.
Lexi and Nolan made some cresent fresh fucking last night.
by Siffle February 22, 2004
to be, or the act of being, fresh and or fly continuously.
Her outfit is not at all crescent fresh
by Elisa Monroe April 06, 2008
Commonly used hippy jargon, meaning overly passive and unproductive.
President Obama is so Crescent fresh the way he borrows money from other countries and gives it to unproductive drug addicts already overly coddled by the welfare state. So cres.
by populationcontrol April 07, 2011
To feel clean in the vaginal area. Crescent being in referance to shape of a woman nether parts.
I'm not feeling very crescent fresh today, maybe I should get some Vagicil."
by Jennifer Marin August 25, 2010
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