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What you call tasty almonds. They can be any type of almonds, as long as they are good.
Dude, those are freakin crepuscular almonds!
by Troy Holleman December 10, 2007
10 14
1) Formal:
Refers to an animal that is active during twilight.
2) Slang:
Refers to a human that is active at night.
(See also: Insomnia, nocturnality
1) Fireflies are crepuscular animals.
2) Jimmy's biological father is a crepuscular human.
by VbPeppermint December 15, 2007
15 2
of, resembling, or relating to twighlight.
-ZOOLOGY (of an animal) appearing or active in twighlight
The crepuscular realm of the writer's own reveries. (Hawthorne)
by ELCO May 22, 2006
8 3
it's basically just an alternative to awesome
that dog was totally crepuscular
by ELCO May 22, 2006
10 7