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Creepy gay is a kind of behavior that certain gay men display. There is normal gay and even flamboyant gay, and then "Creepy Gay" takes it a whole new level. It's like a person goes out of their way to make sure people know they are gay.

Creep gay behavior includes non-stop staring, smacking lips while talking, and outrageous public descriptions of private sexual encounters.

You don't have to be a homophobe to experience the creepy gay phenomenon.
Rodney: Man, did you see that creepy gay guy out front of the bar?

Ernest: I sure did. I walked by him and he was talking about pickle smooching on his cell-phone, and then when he came into the bar he has been staring non-stop at me for the last 20 minutes even though he knows I have a wedding ring.

Rodney: It's fine to be gay, I guess. But he is creepy gay.
by Jrubadub January 26, 2011
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