The typical Cherry Creek High School student. Wears all preppy clothes, or wears "expressive" or "different" clothes, so they don't fit the stereotype. Drives an expensive car once they turn sixteen, plays multiple sports, either gets good grades or doesnt care because their parents will support them for the rest of their life.

They will most likely "experiment" or, more likely, "watch their friends experiment" with drugs and/or alcohol, but never get in trouble for it. Will buy everything with daddy's money, but they're not lazy! No, once, one of them baby sat their brother for almost ten whole minuets!

Note- Though not all Creek students fit this description, it can be hard to tell the difference between the "It's such a stereotype! My car is only a Toyota!" denyers, and the people who moved across Hampden and work two jobs just so that they don't have to enroll in Denver Public Schools. The later is not a Creeker, they just want to go to a decent school for once.
Creeker in Denial- I may have straight A's, get wasted at parties, play ten sports, never work, have clothes from only Abercrombie and Fitch, and have my birthday party on "My Super Sweet Sixteen", but I really do have a hard life. I only drive a Lexus! And it was pre owned! I have such a hard life! You see, I'm not really a Creeker. You're just a hater!
#creek #denver #my super sweet sixteen #mtv #hollister #preppy #cherry creek high school
by Ashamed to have gone to Creek November 25, 2010
A young female, usually in high school, that is known to others, as a girl that will trade her body (sex) for drugs. she will trade sexual favors for small amounts of drugs, like a prostitute, there are negotiations involved.
John: I want to fuck before the weekend.

Luke: Just trade some of your weed to Sarah, she's a creeker...
#prostitute #whore #drugs #drug slut #ho
by Beatdown 258 November 11, 2010
Dirty, trailer park people. Ususally the guys have mullets and the girls have pink finger nails and blonde hair with black roots. They are generally seen with babies in diapers with dirty feet and faces following them around. They are found in Tampa, Florida. They like to shop at Wal Mart and the flea market. May possibly hang out at 7-11 with bare feet.
That creeker bought her wedding dress at the Wal Mart!!
#white trash #wub #brier #briar #dirtys
by Billy Jo and Bobby Sue May 01, 2007
generally refers to someone of appalachian descent who lives below the poverty line alongside a stream or creek in rural west virginia
Hey Shane, you wanna hang out with Joe-Bob?

Naw, he's a creeker mooch.
#hillbilly #creaker #poor #appalachia #west virginia #creek #stream #coal mine
by Zeeee August 17, 2006
The "ee" is pronounced as a long "i," as in Cricket. Used in Adair County, Missouri (frequently & for as far back as anyone can remember) to describe low life poor white trash. Referencing images of old trailers down by the creek. Even worse is "Shit Creekers," who are so dumb they shit in the same creek they pull drinking water out of. When you are from Adair County you hear these terms so often, you don't realize that people everywhere don't know what you are talking about.
"He comes from a long line of shit creekers, what do you expect?" "Some dumb ass creeker shot someone at the Spike (bar) last night."
#white trash #poor white trash #creekers #shit creekers #missouri
by Brent Bowers October 02, 2005
A term used in Montana to describe a hillbilly.
Them creekers burnt down their trailer when the barbecue tipped over on the carpet.
by napoleon January 23, 2004
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