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A noun which labels a person as someone who often inappropriately touches or fondles other people such that these other people feel uncomfortable and repulsed. Creedy is often used to describe touchy feely types or people with no sense of personal boundaries.

Person A: Uh-oh, Ryan is coming over here… lets leave guys!

Person B: Yeah I agree, that dude is such a creedy… I feel like I have to take a shower every time I talk to him because he cant keep his hands off of me.
by Sid Crosby November 29, 2007
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One hell of a chick that love a good night out. Is always surrounded by mobs of people as she knows how to make every situation spectacular!
Its going to be a creedy night out.
by thebeks June 20, 2004
Have Creed (the band) like qualities.
Man, he is so creedy.
by GG September 29, 2003
a cock, or a loser, who is divoted to touching people
dont touch me! you fucking Creedy
by rezza ma nezza May 05, 2007
Similar to Nigel, loner, creedy describes a person without friends.
Creedy, where are your mates?
by Oxford March 21, 2003

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