to swipe your hand or random card through one's butt crack when the are not expecting it.
person 1: WTF was that?
person 2: I was just checking your credit with my credit card, it stinks.
by stryder717 September 06, 2007
The process of falling down, legs spread, and hitting an object in the anal or groin region, usually followed by intense pain and urination.
Eric was sliding down the staircase when he slipped and credit carded himself on the railing.
by 41R1K April 30, 2006
and little plastic card that gives you and endless supply of money and my boyfriend pays off
oohhh new dress shopkeeper "how would like like to pay for that today"
Me: "oh im not paying it goes on the credit card"
by awesome pyjamas August 14, 2011
what you use to pay for an expensive whore
Hey man, I just had to pay my credit card limit for that whore over there, but damn she was good!!!!
by burtonsnow25 October 28, 2008
n. euphemism referring to any object or tactic that facilitates the acquisition of cash or material goods through illegal acts such as intimidation, armed robbery, fraud, etc.
Duwan walked down to the convenience store with his pit bull, and picked up a six pack, saying to the clerk, "Well, damn, I forgot my wallet, but I did bring my credit card," as the pit bull barked at the clerk.

Joey laid his Smith on the counter, saying, "Give me a cash advance against my credit card, and I won't blow your nuts off."
by Michael Gannett February 22, 2006
1: (n) A piece of plastic with an intangible monetary value behind it.

2: (v) The act of falling on your skateboard when it is in an upright position between your legs, thus giving any spectators the impression that you are swiping your ass with it. This can be followed by pain either in the testicular or anal regions.
by rumbletag December 30, 2002

The act of sliding an object in between cheeks of the buttox. This is a great way to impress girlfriends/wives.
My phone smells like poop because Jim credit carded it.
by 24khoss October 17, 2013

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