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The worst mistake a college student can ever make is to get one.
Nuff said.
by kid July 22, 2003
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An evil piece of plastic.
I'm homeless and I haven't eaten in eight days, but I think if I send in that Visa credit card application, I'll probably get approved!!!
by Brooke February 19, 2005
Plastic passport to debt slavery. Let's face it, if you can't afford something by direct debit, does it make sense to take out a high interest loan for it? If you can't afford to pay for it now, will you be able to pay even more shortly later?

Madness! Credit cards lead to spiraling debt by encouraging a buy now, PAY through the roof later culture. Ease of use helps people forget that they're spending hard money, moreso than cash.

Can be ruthless in reclaiming spiraling debt, people have become bankrupt and lost house and home because of credit cards.

Often seduce impressionable people with an array of asthetic/colour options, promoting it as a fashion item to be flouted!
FACT: The collective personal debt of Britain is now around one trillion Pounds (£); that's greater than the entire external debt of Africa, Asia and Latin America combined! Talk about a credit card culture. The bubble will burst, with mass reposessions etc.
by davetwocombs May 01, 2007
When you accidentally mess up on your skateboard and the board goes up your ass, or hits your balls
You ollie to start a hardflip and you do it just not completely and it lands with the tip on the ground and the other in an uncomfortable place Credit Carded
by Urban Dictionary May 16, 2007
A piece of plastic that has demonic powers in its abiltity to keep a person in financial slavery for the rest of their life.
A credit card is donomic and should only be used when absolutely necessary or in an emergency.
by krock1dk May 06, 2009
to swipe your skateboard through your ass and hit yourself in the nuts accidentily
oh shit man you just credit carded real bad
by landin February 01, 2003
A plastic card issued by a loan shark. Usually has a set amount with interest added every month.
I got my new MasterCard credit card in the mail.
by Crono February 24, 2003
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