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Credit Whore (CW) is someone that does something nice just so they can bring it to everyone's attention and get credit for it.
Credit Whore is someone who puts money in tip jar and then shouts, "I just put a dollar in the tip jar".

by E. C. February 04, 2006
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Someone that does something purely to get credit, most commonly used with roller coaster riding.
Man, you're a real Credit Whore, I'm not even sure that's a real coaster!
by refresh@spinball May 08, 2008
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A person who thinks that just because they did something nice one time that they are entitled to bitch at everyone and be the worlds biggest asshole and when you get mad about it they say, "BUT WAIT, there was that one time I..." and then you just want to punch them in the balls and call them a douchebag.
The only reason David was nice for a week is so that he can remind me of it when he's a little bitch all the time. He is such a credit whore.
by ughhhhh February 26, 2006
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Achaea- Someone who buys a lot of credits to avance their strength and skills in combat in this text mud.
The term is used in a derogitary way to indicate that the only reason this person just beat you is because they are a 'Credit whore'
Dude, Cain just pwned me, he is such a credit whore
by Katia_Lemurzen March 24, 2006
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Could also be someone who purchases large amounts of credits in online mutiplayer games, usually on a text mud, in order to make their player more powerful than everyone else's in a short amount of time.
Zalgor: Xeimnal is suuuuuuuuuch a credit whore. I hate him and instead of working on my fighting skills, i've going to cry and whine that he has too much power.
by rnr2 February 26, 2006
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A prostitute who allows tricks to fuck them on credit
The man had no money on him, so he found himself a credit whore to screw.
by jam fizzle April 03, 2006
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